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Welcome to Free Bible Study Guides

Welcome to Bible Study Guides

The Bible is a unique book full of inspiration, wisdom and practical answers. But it doesn't claim to be an easy book. It can be intimidating and overwhelming on first glance. These Bible Study Guides are designed to help. Our authors search the Scriptures with you in mind, considering what practical answers you need to deal with the real challenges in your life today. We want these lessons to be relevant, engaging and life-changing—making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future.

May God bless your study of His precious Bible!


These Bible Study Guides are designed to be studied on the Internet, and you are welcome to print them out if you want. We do not plan to print or mail these lessons.

What's available @ Bible Study Guides

3 Bible Tips
The "3 Bible Tips" items are designed to be a quick ministudy when you are in a hurry. Three quick points and the scriptures are right there for you to read and think about.

Exploring the Bible
Lesson 1: The Law and You (the Torah or Pentateuch)
Lesson 2: The Former Prophets
Lesson 3: The Major Prophets and You
Lesson 4: The Minor Prophets and You
Lesson 5: The Writings and You
Lesson 6: The Gospels and You
Lesson 7: The Book of Acts and You
Lesson 8: The Epistles of Paul and You
Lesson 9: The General Epistles and You
Lesson 10: The Book of Revelation and You

Bible Answers for...
Communication Pitfalls
Decision Making
Keys to Good Communication
Preparing for Marriage: Before You Say "I Do"
Getting Along With People
Dealing With Money Problems
How to Be a Good Neighbor
Keys to a Happy Marriage
A Healthful, Smoke-Free Life
Coping With Stress
Dealing With Depression
Dealing With Worry
Gambling—Why It's Wrong and How to Stop
Dealing With the Death of a Loved One
Dealing With Health Problems
Eating Disorders
How to Help and Encourage Someone With a Health Problem
Self-Injury—Understanding and Overcoming It
Understanding and Overcoming Substance Abuse

What God Wants for You
Lesson 1: Is God Calling You?
Lesson 2: What Is Faith?
Lesson 3: Repentance—A Permanent Change of Direction
Lesson 4: Should You Be Baptized?
Lesson 5: How to Receive God's Holy Spirit
Lesson 6: Growing in God's Grace and Knowledge
Lesson 7: Eternal Life as God's Sons and Daughters!

God's Plan for You and the Entire World
Lesson 1: The Festivals of the Old and New Testaments
Lesson 2: The Sabbath: Remembering Creation and Looking Forward to the Promised Future Rest
Lesson 3: Christ, Our Passover: The Beginning of God's Master Plan
Lesson 4: Feast of Unleavened Bread: Our Part in God's Master Plan
Lesson 5: Feast of Pentecost: "Firstfruits" Called Now
Lesson 6: Feast of Trumpets: War and Rescue
Lesson 7: Atonement: Satan Bound, Humanity Freed!
Lesson 8: Feast of Tabernacles: Picturing the Millennium of Peace
Lesson 9: The Eighth Day: Hope for All Who Have Ever Lived
Lesson 10: How to Celebrate God's Festivals Today

Getting to Really Know God...
Lesson 1: How Does God Identify Himself in the Bible?
Lesson 2: The God Revealed in the Old Testament Was the One Who Became Jesus Christ!
Lesson 3: Understanding Genesis 1 and 2 and God's Work of Creation
Lesson 4: Crucial Lessons From Knowing God Is Our Creator
Lesson 5: The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
Lesson 6: How to Build a Close Relationship With God

Armor of God Series
Lesson 1: Taking Up the Whole Armor of God
Lesson 2: The Belt of Truth
Lesson 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness
Lesson 4: The Shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace
Lesson 5: The Shield of Faith
Lesson 6: Helmet of Salvation
Lesson 7: The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God
Lesson 8: The Power of Prayer and Supplication in the Spirit
Lesson 9: The Cloak of Zeal


Bible Study Guide Series

Series 1 - The Bible and You: Practical Answers—Real Hope
These hands-on, introductory lessons cover practical issues that are relevant to your life now, and that give solid hope for your future.

Series 2 - Bible Answers for...
These lessons will give biblical answers to a wide variety of practical questions about how to live a Christian life in the modern world. Relationships, communications, finances, addictions and challenges of all types will be answered from the sure and practical wisdom of the Word of God.

Series 3 - The Great Teachings of the Bible and What They Mean for You
These lessons will deal with a variety of vital truths God has revealed in the Bible to benefit you. Understanding prophecy, the Ten Commandments, the benefits of having God's Spirit, the tools for spiritual growth, the spiritual armor of God and other fundamental teachings of the Bible will be covered.

Series 4 - God's Plan for You and the Entire World
This series will look at God's master plan that offers human beings the opportunity for eternal life! We will look at it through the lens of God's festivals and Holy Days and their profound meaning. These often-neglected biblical festivals can help unlock what Jesus called the "mystery of the kingdom of God."

Series 5 - What God Wants for You
God offers blessings now and a future beyond your wildest dreams! The Bible gives a road map of specific steps we should take in making that personal transformation. This series will look at the biblical answer to the question, "What must I do to be saved?"




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