Free Bible Study Guides

Series 1 - The Bible and You: Practical Answers—Real Hope

These hands-on, introductory lessons cover practical issues that are relevant to your life now, and that give solid hope for your future.

Bible Study Guide Lessons

Lesson 1 - How Can the Bible Help Me?
Wouldn't it be great if there was a practical, helpful, trustworthy place to get real answers to the worrisome challenges you face every day? There is! Here's how you can access it and get the help you need now and always.

Lesson 2 - How Can I Find Things in the Bible?
The Bible is a book filled with wisdom and insight for how to live life. But with its incredible amount of content, how can you expect to find what you need, when you need it?

Lesson 3 - What Happens After Death?
Is there life after death? If so, how is that possible? And what will it be like? Will it last forever?

Lesson 4 - Why Does God Allow People to Suffer?
Are you hurting right now? Are your loved ones suffering? Are you tortured by the agonies highlighted on the news each day? Why doesn't God just stop it all?

Lesson 5 - A Real King Who Will Return to Rescue Humanity
Humanity hangs on the brink of self-annihilation. Human governments can't or won't stop it, but Jesus Christ promised to come back to save us from ourselves. He also said He will come as the King—a real leader with real solutions to our most difficult problems!

Lesson 6 - God's Law of Love: Making Life Work
There is a cause for the troubles in our world today. And there will be a cause for the utopian conditions Jesus Christ promises after His return. What does the Bible say about the way of life that makes life work?

Lesson 7 - Train Now to Help Christ Rule
Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth as King of the Kingdom of God to save humanity from destroying ourselves. How will the rebellious and traumatized citizens of this world become the peaceful subjects of God's Kingdom? Who will help serve and teach the people? What does the Bible say about the citizens of the Kingdom of God?

Lesson 8 - The Earth: Real Utopia Is Coming!
Humanity is bringing our planet to the point of destruction, but the Bible shows Jesus Christ will intervene. How will His government, laws and citizens change the world? What will the wonderful benefits of the Kingdom of God be?

Lesson 9 - The Answer to Your Prayers
The Bible shows that God answers prayers. But He doesn't answer all of our prayers, does He? What does the Bible say about how to receive an answer to your prayers?

Lesson 10 - What Is God's Will for Me?
Every day, we have to make countless decisions. Many of them we make without thinking—but there are some big decisions in life that might make us stop and wonder, What does God want me to do here? Is there a way to understand what God's will is and how we can accomplish it?